Ratto, N. y M. Orgaz. 2008. Transformaciones sociales de la Cacería Comunal de Vicuñas desde los Inkas hasta las comunidades andinas actuales. Zooarqueología Hoy. Encuentros Hispano-Argentinos, editado por J. Carlos Díez, pp. 109-123. Universidad de Burgos.


(Social transformations of Communal Vicuña hunting from the Incas to current andean communities): The social dimension of hunting for vicuña, a wild South American camelid, was analyzed to understand the role of communal hunting and textiles made from the ensuing raw material in the period ranging from Inca times down to the present day. Our objective was to enhance knowledge about the changes and/or continuities that characterize the social dimension of communal hunting in the context of different socio-economic and political structures developed in the Andean area during the Inca conquest, the Spanish colonies and republican times. Modern, historic, ethnographic and archaeological sources were reviewed for this purpose.

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